Live Streaming

Immersive storytelling using traditional and 360 video with spatial surround sound are  terrific ways to Live stream to the masses. Twitch, Facebook and Youtube are the usual to go and other platforms are readily  available such as Streamzilla, Wowza and Restream. We understand all about them and can help you with up to 4 cameras, or 360 virtual reality Live streams.

Currently in January 2021 we are adhering to the film industry Covid-19 protocols.

We have collaborated with others and brought successful professional quality Live Streams from various venues in the South West.

Game & Application


Today, coding apps and games no longer needs a computer science degree. Intuitive User Interfaces (UI's) are removing the heavy coding normally required for app developers.

We are already enjoying the latest of these through Unity MARS and Reality Composer, Blender and various others that allow us to experiment freely with our creativity in spatial computing and animations.

It's still a long haul to mastery but a few of our early results will be posted via this site soon.

We are well seasoned Google Street View (GSV) Trusted photographers with millions of views on our clients premises since 2017.

Our work with 360 cameras has also made many a music video and quirky online content as well. We feel the future of 360 spheres on GSV is coming to an end as the emerging technology of LiDAR and Depth Sensing cameras give a holographic representation of spaces and products. Spatial mapping is going to play another part in that technology.

We are currently developing these skills in scanning and placing these assets in web browsers (WebGL, Three.JS) and our future apps for E commerce using augmented reality overlays.

These technologies are only  the tip of the iceberg for tomorrow's world. We plan on keeping our fingers on the pulse of them and displaying our impressive results here as well as being open to commissions for them from you.

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