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Cosmic Oak Media

                                                           Stories Of Trees

Due to the changing world we live in, Cosmic Oak Media will focus on the often cosmic creations that come from oak and other woods. That may sound a bit far fetched but here at our base in Glastonbury you will find everything from wands to walking staffs ornate with meteorites and other jewels.

There are no shortage of ancient oaks, yews in the forests and droves  of Somerset and its neighbouring counties.

    One of our first tree projects has been following the hard graft and talents of Wren Woodworks yard. Their very first project from the new Heart Of The Tribe art gallery in Glastonbury High Street, turned a 550-600 year old oak into amazing and solid benches.


Follow our adventures with trees and what they get turned into here on our website and socials.


Also, if you have ideas for any project in wood or you teach people how to build or appreciate woods, forests and the odd special branch, then please get in touch with us and we could help document you professionally throughout your project.

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