The town of Glastonbury area of the UK, also known as the Isle of Avalon, is famous for the international music festival (which happens 7 miles out of town at a place called Pilton). If the (Pilton Pop) festival hasn't brought you here you should consider a visit to this small unique little town in the Somerset.

Glastonbury is alive with spiritual and holistic healers and seekers as well as artists, musicians, bards, poets, socially conscious and a few enlightened beings. We are residents and well networked into the Glastonbury town that keeps us here, a melting pot of madness and genius and where no one blinks when you explain that JC was here. No we don't mean Jeremy Corbyn on Pyramid stage a few years ago. The town is full of urban myths and legends which make for some great stories and we have captured many of the previous major events in town from the Beltane to the Zombie walks. As mentioned we are currently focusing on woodworks and woods but can be persuaded to come work for you on other film projects if you remember that we are a business not a charity. We still have all those children, taxes and bills to pay.

Today, we are keeping our fingers on the pulse of Augmented (#ar) and Virtual Reality (#vr) and looking at ways to influence the future with our own apps and games. We've also delivered Google Street View photographic virtual tours and we are on Google's guides for Somerset, Devon and Cornwall (they've paid us a pair of socks so far). These places are regular haunts through our other work surveying properties for social housing with our emerging technologies.


We can also deliver normal high definition video and photography for events, ceremonies and business. We are interested in supporting other local collaborations for live streaming events and especially community projects.


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