Between the team at Cosmic Oak, we are well seasoned photographers with academia in fine arts and over 50 years experience collectively. Technical and creative photography has helped us earn a living for a myriad of clients and assignments in music journalism, wildlife and non-fictional documentary work and has earned us kudos on a few occasions.

Due to the awesome cameras that ship in phones these last years no one really wants to commission what their children or themselves can do with a little thought and an online tutorial. The professional commission game is over and stock banks can give you what you need.

We own a ginormous stock library, especially from our local areas in Glastonbury, Scotland and beyond.

Most of our work since 2016 has been with 360 cameras, at least the content we have been supplying has. We are content creators doing our best to think outside the box delivering quirky styles as well as heavily filtered work.

A few examples from various countries and places below.

We have over fifty years combined experience and qualifications in professional and fine art photography. We have already covered every event from every spectrum of the events and ceremonies spectrum.


We create a variety of creative digital content for merchandising, web promotions, and marketing. 

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