May Day Beltane Ceremony – Glastonbury 2017

So children, put away your gaming stations and join a real life adventure. In Somerset there is a land where fairy tales still exist and adventures await far far away from the flat LCD Screens of muggle world. In the land of Avalon you will find Green Leafed Men dancing with beautiful ethereal maidens draped in long flowing dresses. Elves and Pixie folk hide in long grass making merry with mead. The sweet scents of smudged sage and cacao drifts across the orchard below Glastonbury Tor mingling with the fresh spring breeze for the 2017 May Day Celebrations.

Beltane, as May Day it is known in Gaelic, celebrates the peak of Spring and the coming of Summer. Yes “there be dragons”; for here in this small English country town they really do exist. The Ley Lines are represented in elaborate processions and festivities with the Red, White and Rainbow Dragons, in a renewed tradition in this place since Pagan times. Ley Lines form part of global energetic earth fields. Occasionally they cross and one of these so called vortexes is thought to be at Glastonbury Tor where several lines are conjunct. The Red and White Dragon represents the Mary and Michael Lines which can be traced to St Michael Mount in Penzance and beyond to Mont Saint Michael in France and beyond. Many people believe that the Earth is a living breathing organism or Mother Earth, Gaia. They feel these lines form part or a net work which centers Glastonbury as the Heart Chakra of the world. Meaning that it is a powerful place to do healing and energy work. Keeping these ancient beliefs alive help heal those becoming more disconnected to their origins in a time when we are more distracted and more ego driven we can come back to natural and more harmonious way of being in the heart.

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