Butleigh Village- Free Arts in the Park Picnic 2017

What every town needs, a gun slinging Mayor.

Pegasus became the branding emblem of the weekend for us all and is synonymous with Rosie and her delightful Mandalas and other art works. She even has a cake eating cat of the mythical winged horse.

The stage was set and the the event was opened by the charismatic lady Mayor and Glastonbury’s jovial town crier David Greenway. Both are pictured here with the mayor’s family in one of Cosmic Oak’s zany mini planet photographs. These are spherical images that post production turns into this current trend. The originals are better viewed on a virtual reality (#vr) headset where everyone and thing taken on VR camera is larger than life. You can also view the entire 360 degree image in 3D – similar to Google street view.

Cosmic Oak’s Gazebo let people experience VR first hand and “Wow!” was the most common exclamation when we popped our Oculus headset on everyone from that gun slinging Mayor to founder of The Glastonbury Festival Michael Eavis.

Virtual Reality is an emerging technology that is gaining status around the planet for its various uses in medicine, simulations and especially fears with phobias. We feel we are disciples of this tech around our base in Somerset and have already interested archeologists and wildlife rescue centres with our demos.

We used all our cameras and microphones to capture highlights of the free picnic. We not only met talented and creative folk but also alternative healers and spiritual guides from the community. We are currently formulating ideas to bring the virtual reality matrix for holistic and therapeutic experiences. This seems to especially assist people in dealing with phobias, fears, anxiety and just out and out fun.

Cosmic Oak already know we have something different through our rich story telling tapestries of narrative and immersive visuals where we can give people a really deeply nurturing and safe environment to be enveloped inside. This could also be a sign of things to come as a more wholesome and healing way forward for the future of virtual technologies.

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