Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017

An evening of entertainment

The Edinburgh Fringe is in town again with its cacophony of madness and geniality. The judges of either are us and our opinions of the entertainment we attend.

A lot of hard work goes into getting yourself here and making a profit or indeed immortalising yourself through a Stage, Scotsman or Broadway Baby review.

Cosmic Oak’s services are at this years 70th anniversary celebrations for the festival and have been blessed with the task of producing the Scottish Arts Club’s media from augment to virtual reality video.

Elena Fischer Dieskau demos virtual reality after her exquisite recital at the Scottish Arts Club, Edinburgh

This new type of tech is becoming a hit with comedy shows and other performers and can be used on Facebook and Youtube for social marketing purposes. It’s even better through the headset that Ian demos, if you ask him.

The Scottish Arts Club’s venue (310) is a hidden gem in the heart of the city at Rutland Square and has a line up of upcoming talents and new artists. You can find forthcoming events and further details about the SAC on this link Club Fest 17

The club is also an established platform for tomorrow’s international stars and gives many a chance to meet yesteryear’s giants for constructive criticism and networking.

Ian arrived here this week to capture the action and hit the ground running at the club with sculptor Teresa Hunyadi and her collection of wooden masks.

No sooner had he finished capturing her work in the upstairs studio was he in the main room enjoying Cat Loud’s, sonorous Scottish tones (replete with the finest modulations) and she shared her set with friend Finn on the new piano.

Finn Anderson

So, new is the piano that it needs a bit breaking in! It was also to be heavily massaged and tickled by the delightful Elena Fischer Dieskau, whose recital was nothing short of an eargasm to the packed club-room.

In between the arts club’s events Ian attended the passion of Alba Flamenco’s show which is beyond words and the intensity of all its performers will explain why if you enjoy the genre.

Ian will be available for more bookings should you need video, photography and a sample of virtual reality for your show. We also supply normal video and photography on top of the weird stuff

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