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Spatial computing is the term to describe the emerging technologies of augmented reality in real world settings. It relies on the devices that  locate themselves within a space using depth sensors, LiDAR and inertial measuring units (IMU).

This hardware can quickly identify all the surfaces in every direction of a space. The IMU understands the place within that space that device is positioned in the air.

It's easy from here to use the data to create spawns of your 3D objects, animations, signs etc thus making them appear as if they are really there in front of you. In some cases machine learning (the new term for AI) can realistically calculate the lighting of the original scene and match the assets with similar shadows to completely immerse the viewer in the experience. Sounds holographic because basically it is. This works in both environments of virtual reality and augmented reality. You will know augmented reality if you have ever used one of Facebook or Snapchat's trillion face filters.

The terms XR and MR (Extended Reality and Mixed Reality) use a mixture of the both of these with some extra effects.

Cosmic Oak are using and testing hardware and software development kits (SDK's) that take the heavy coding work out of spatial computing. Advances in technology in 2020 allowed them to direct their creativity in this realm. Inexpensive equipment allows us to scan objects with high resolution cameras. Thanks to today's hardware it is much easier to process these massive data sets.

We are still on a learning curve, but admit that it is not a complex process for us as we had machine coding experience and qualifications from a few decades back. Nothing has changed much, apart from the languages used.

We plan on sharing a few of our discoveries and workflows through Live stream videos on Twitch, Youtube and other platforms in 2021.

If you have any questions on this, please feel free to contact us directly.

NB: Ultimately this tech will be used through smart glasses coming later this year from Facebook, Apple and others. Phones may become a thing of the past in future years as these wearables are adopted by us the populous.

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