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Privacy Policy

We value your business and take your personal privacy very seriously

As a small business we would always hope you would contact us in the first instance to assure you are clear in the transparency in our Privacy Procedures.

We collect such Non-personal and Personal Information for the following purposes:

  1. To provide and operate our Services;

  2. To provide our Users with ongoing customer assistance and technical support

  3. To be able to contact our Visitors and Users with general or personalized service-related notices and promotional messages; 

  4. To comply with any applicable laws and regulations.

We aim to answer your questions here


What data we have and grounds for processing

When you make contact with us via message, email, letter or telephone we will securely store your name, email, address, telephone number and inquiry details only for relevant business purposes under Cosmic Oaks Services. We will not pass this information on to any third parties without prior arrangement or request from you. We will ask you to agree to us communicating regarding relevant services and updates via the information you are providing via a dedicated form on our website or by email to new and existing contacts.


As with many modern businesses we occasionally use Social Media (facebook/ Instigram/ YouTube/ Vimeo/ Flicker/ Messenger/ Whats App) to Privately reply to messages of inquiry. We obviously can only advise that our privacy settings are set highly on these sites; it is down to the Social Media Provider and YOU the contact, to manage their own privacy controls to avoid any security breeches. 


Remote Server

As film, photography and media consultants we will use processing methods to transfer the "finished" or "edited" media products/content creations or consultancy packages" to a private host for you to view and agree to any edits via email. This will be sent a secure link through Dropbox and only be available to view for a limited time until the "project" is signed off or completed. Thereafter we will store this content on a private off line system. Paper versions contact details are also kept securely. We follow a strict procedure for the way we make all our technical devices secure in case of intellectual plagiarism or property theft.

Web Hosting

Our company is hosted on the platform. provides us with the online platform that allows us to promote products and services to you. Your email, name and phone number data may be stored through’s secure data storage, databases and the general applications. They store your data on secure servers behind a firewall.  We currently use Wix to send invoices to existing customers and confirm payments or pursue late payments. We do not take payments using's or any other direct payment gateways so no details are stored or requested for this purpose.


(All direct payment gateways offered by and used by our company adhere to the standards set by PCI-DSS as managed by the PCI Security Standards Council, which is a joint effort of brands like Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. PCI-DSS requirements help ensure the secure handling of credit card information by its service providers.)


For media services provided we only invoice you with our details to pay us by bank transfer/cheque/cash so it is unlikely we will request these payment details. Due to the nature of our work as we do not currently have an online shop. We will not use or hold this information beyond what is necessary for processing a transaction so as to be compliant with ICO and GDPR guidelines. Completed Sales/Purchases/Invoices are then passed to our accountants at Viper Accounting to be submitted to the Inland Revenue.

Google Street Maps

As Google Trusted Photographers we meet the high standard of criteria required for supplying 360 Degree Spherical Images of premises and locations. Google requests that we blur out any visible faces to preserve the privacy of people before google will accept. We are currently updating our security process to concur with the new GDPR legislation regarding face recognition and storage of images. To cover any future contest in faces appearing in public spaces we will gather the usual photographic consents. 

Photographic Film for Facial Consent-

We seek verbal and written consent, by either paper consent form, recorded voice on camera or digital formats, a text, private message or email; from all models and persons appearing in our films and photography. We also request parental / trusted responsible adult consent from those under 18 and people unable to sign for themselves.  However, for artistic and journalistic purposes we reserve the right to use street and candid images if we can justify they fall within these categories.  These consents are kept either digitally on an offline hard drive or in secure devices that are password protected. We keep paper copies locked securely for legal purposes for the duration of consent, for legal requirements they need to be held indefinitely or until legal consent has expired. We do not share this information.

In regards to film, photography and consultancy services we ask that you sign our model release forms and read our GDPR statement on our page

GDPR Statement -
No personal data for any EU resident is stored or processed in our systems. In corresponding to our business emails, you will except that Cosmic Oak Media need to keep minimal company contact details for business correspondence purposes only and individual details will be destroyed at end of our business contractual needs to obey applicable laws. You may request at any time for Cosmic Oak Media to delete or provide the data stored securely in our system; to verify your identity, we require that you make your request in person at our corporate office located Moray, Scotland.  This is to protect your identity and we hope you understand why we cannot release your information without first verifying your identity, this may take up to 48 hours to confirm your ID. In order to comply with GDPR we will remove any data or analytics held by clients within 90 days of activation for purposes other than those being securely held for contracts, auditing, accounting and income tax. We are a Sole Trading Partnership who provide privately commissioned services related to film, photography and media content, we don't make money out of personal information to third parties, nor will we share or sell any information/products supplied, under our relevant business services, without full consent. We will only contact you if we feel there is a legitimate interest with existing marketing to go forward. At anytime you have the right and freedom to remove yourself from our contacts list.


We will only contact your company via publicly advertised business contact information which is the only way we can inform you of our services; or via direct sales contact where by an exchange of details is given to make or progress on a contract. We will require you to sign a declaration to agree to this exchange of information Any initial inquiries into our business services not resulting in a commission will held for 90 days before being destroyed for security purposes.

We reserve the right to maintain reasonable contact if we have to refer to a debt collection agency or follow a legal process to enforce our Legal and Privacy Policy.

Your Obligation to Us

For Cosmic Oak Media's own promotion/marketing/business purposes we give permission to clients to share collaborative creative finished projects made by us. You may promote Cosmic Oak Media between other relevant businesses in our marketing campaign and to give testimonials for the delivery of our services provided through social media and web marketing within what we class a reasonable and positive promotion.  Any work we may subcontract to outside agencies our Privacy Policy will also be enforced under contract. We advise that you do not share personal data for individuals working  under Cosmic Oak Media. To comply with GDPR without the individuals consent, and only share company details on a need to know basis for the specific services provided by Cosmic Oak Media.

As we reach 26th May 2018 we will update our policy.



Under UK copyright law Cosmic Oak Media Partners will reserve the right to enforce legal proceedings against any individual or corporation for any unauthorized use, plagiarism or copying of intellectual ideas of our Consultancy Advice, Photographic, Images, Film, Designs, Art, Graphics, Spoken or Written Words,  Music or any creative material by Business Partners Megan Hulatt and Ian G Burden as sole traders.  Anyone acting on behalf of Cosmic Oak Media Partnership producing material directly or subcontracted by us; copyright will also be enforced. We will also seek to claim for loss of earnings, and future earnings, and for liability of perceived detrimental to our reputation and marketing image relating to unauthorized use of our material. Failure to reference Cosmic Oak Media as creators will result in proceedings. Anyone seeking to profit from using Cosmic Oak Media Partners intellectual material without prior consent will find legal proceedings will be issued against them.

You have a right to opt out at anytime from our marketing emails for information of goods or services at or simply fill in this form and we will notify you to confirm your opt out has been processed.

To comply with GDPR, have you read and understood our Privacy Policy?

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